Postage Alert! All Rates Have Just Risen!

Jan 23, 2024

We want to be absolutely certain that our clients, in fact all mailers, are aware of the new rates that took effect Sunday, Jan. 21 (effective Monday the 22nd). It’s not just individual postage stamps that went up, but the bulk mail rates that we have to pass along to our clients went up as well.

Take a look at the latest USPS rate chart HERE.

As always, we try to help mailers save on their Direct Mail Campaigns, but this is one area we have no control over. Perhaps we can help you compensate by saving in other areas. We’ll be happy to assist you with your next sales or fund-raising campaign at any juncture, from initial planning to final implementation.

Just give us a call.

We Are Winners (again)!

Once again, the smart folks at the El Cajon Awards have entered us into their Business Hall of Fame for Direct Mail Advertising Services. Read their Press Release about it HERE!

That makes it FIFTEEN consecutive years!

We couldn’t be more proud. Thank you to the Awards Committee!



Both are examples of little-known holidays you can use for mail and/or email marketing. You can send a celebratory message to a holiday’s niche market or a notice of observance to the world at large.

Mail Management Group compiles a list of such opportunities on our website. Click here to see what’s in store for February! When you see one you’d like to jump onto, let us know and we can help you get started.

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