Track Your Direct Mail Campaign – How and Why

May 11, 2023

Mail Management Group can help you increase the power and value of your Direct Mail by implementing Informed Visibility® service from the USPS® for any or all of your campaigns.

It brings near real-time tracking data to the delivery of your individual mail pieces. Knowing that your customer or prospect has received your mail – and when – gives you the information needed to schedule a call, an email, a social media post, or any sort of follow-up you may have planned.

It’s a sophisticated system the big brains at the Post Office have developed to make Direct Mail even more powerful than it’s always been. By coordinating your marketing between just-delivered mail and the activation of complimentary marketing efforts, we can enhance the impact of the entire campaign. “Timing is everything,” as they say, and in this case it’s true.

When you have us implement Informed Visibility, we’ll know when each piece is scanned by the local Post Office everywhere along its way to its destination, from major sorting facilities right down to a notice from the local Post Office that it’s been delivered. Amazing, right?

Plus, we’ll be able to give you a detailed report on the performance of your mailing, with more insight than ever before. We can view each piece by delivery-progress scans such as “being sorted,” “en route,” or “delivered,” or by delivery area or Zip Code destination, and more.

How to Get Started

It’s easy. Just tell us you want in!

We’ll obtain Informed Visibility data from one mailing at our own expense and forward it to you along with a full analysis of the results. Even if you don’t enact a specific follow-up marketing effort to this first trial, you’ll enjoy accurate and actionable results data you can use.

After you experience the value of this amazing technology, using it with us on a regular basis is just as easy… Just tell us! Your MMG account rep can fill you in on its modest cost and how to make the best use of it.

Read more about it here

We hope you will find this new offering to be a valuable tool.

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