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Jun 28, 2022

While the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 improved the performance of the USPS (good for Direct Mail marketers), the other shoe will officially drop on July 10 in the form of across-the-board rate hikes. With all the inflationary increases going on everywhere else in the economy, it seems this was inevitable.

But understanding that the increases will have an impact on businesses that depend on the USPS (are there any that don’t?), they have also developed “Promotions and Incentive Programs” to help ease the pain. These include discounts for using such common tactics as Business Reply Mail and Informed Delivery, both of which we often advise our clients to take advantage of. These incentive programs can be found here. We can help walk you through them.

This is also a good time to remind our clients to avoid wasted postage by having us clean up their mailing lists and to make sure their mailings are designed to meet USPS physical requirements.

Here are the new rates coming July 10:

First Class Regular
§ One ounce stamped letter size – $0.60
§ One ounce metered letter size – $0.57

First Class Presorted
§ Mixed AADC letters – $0.515
§ Mixed AADC cards – $0.372
§ Mixed ADC Presorted flats – $0.934

Standard Mail
§ Mixed AADC Letters – $0.349
§ Mixed ADC Flats – $0.854

Nonprofit Mail
§ Mixed AADC Letters – $0.207
§ Mixed ADC Flats – $0.648

As always, Mail Management Group is here to help you mitigate the impact of these increases on your bottom line. Just give us a call.

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