Direct Mail Remains Powerful

Sep 22, 2020

Heard the jokes about people getting all dressed up to go out to the mailbox because it’s the only time they leave the house nowadays? Truth is, polls have found that more than 40% of people looked forward to checking their mail even before our current crisis. And with things as they are, your audience is probably even more engaged with their mail.

Here’s why.

The Commerce Department recently reported that online retail sales were higher than general merchandise stores for the first time ever. With digital media consumption on the rise, use of many traditional media channels is falling drastically.

But one traditional medium that defies this trend is Direct Mail, which maintains significant advantages over other traditional sources of information. (It also generates nearly 10 times more response than digital efforts such as email, social media and paid search!)

Because it is delivered directly to the home, where more and more financial decisions are now made (purchases, donations, enrollment, investments, etc.), Direct Mail supports all of your product, service and engagement offerings. In fact, research has found that Direct Mail influences 31% of purchases, is a top-three source on 10% of purchases, and influences a whopping $14 trillion in discretionary purchases.

Overall, 70% of people are seeking out more information about purchases and donations than they did five years ago. So marketers can effectively influence purchases with an intelligent mix of digital media plus influential traditional media, especially Direct Mail, which offers the unique advantages of pinpoint targeting and personalization.

Connecting with your prime audience during the decision-making process is vital during uncertain times such as these. Let us help you do exactly that.

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