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Note from Cindy:
Did you know that 54% of postcards are either read or scanned by recipients? That makes postcards an affordable way to get your name and brand out to prospects. They are also an effective means for driving traffic to your website.
Below are 4 quick tips you should think about when it comes to your postcard marketing efforts.
1.      Plan your campaign ahead of time – Be clear about the purpose of your postcard marketing campaign. Be attention-grabbing and don’t be boring.
2.      Check postal regulations – Be sure that your postcard meets specifications and complies with postal regulations since they are constantly changing.
3.      Keep your message simple – If someone reads your message and doesn’t understand it, chances are they will not reach out to see what you can offer them.
4.      ALWAYS include a call to action – This is probably the most important thing. Give prospects a good reason to respond, and offer something in return. It does not have to be much; it could be a coupon or a free item.
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