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Jan 17, 2017

Did you know there is a simple affordable way to get undeliverable mail back by using ancillary service endorsements for your standard class mail?

Special Address Services (Ancillary Service Endorsements)

Sometimes, no matter how good your address is, we still can’t deliver the mail. For instance, your customer may have moved or the building may be vacant. By using special addressing services called “ancillary service endorsements,” you can give the Postal Service specific instructions for how to handle your mail if it is undeliverable as addressed.

Depending on the purpose of your mailing, you may want those pieces forwarded to customers who have moved, or you may want a corrected address returned to you. Or Both? Ancillary service endorsements include five basic phrases that are printed on the address side of your mail piece:

  • Address Service Requested
  • Return Service Requested
  • Change Service Requested
  • Forwarding Service Requested
  • Electronic Service Requested

Undeliverable mail is handled differently depending on the class of mail, the endorsement you use, and how recently your customer has moved. Some of these actions have fees associated with them and may cost you money.

Ancillary Endorsements Chart

Here is a sample for some of the options that can be used for Standard Class Mail. It is not the complete chart. For complete information, go to USPS.

Ancillary Endorsements Chart 4-10-16

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The Power of Three

Repeat mailings can be a good strategy. If you are using the mail to keep your name in front of a specific target audience, create a series of letters, postcards or other mailers that go out on a scheduled basis. This series of mailings would have a common theme but may include different creative or different offers. Make these mailings a part of a multi-faceted campaign strategy that may also include telephone, email and social marketing.

Check out this great article from Dunhill International List Company.

Understanding The Power of Three by Robert Dunhill, President

We all know that repetition is the basis for any learning experience. This holds true for people who are first learning about a product or service. More

by Robert Dunhill, President


MaryThis month’s Employee Spotlight is on Mary Formanek. Mary wears many hats here at MMG, but primarily works with our production team specializing in hand work and staging mail. Mary met Rachel in 1977, while working for Matrix and we were lucky to acquire her in 2009, Mary has been working in the industry for more than 40 years and is still going strong! She just celebrated her 80th Birthday this month! Mary is such a hard worker and always so full of energy. Even after a busy day of work, she says she is ready for the gym, which she does 3-4 times a week! We can always count on Mary to pitch in a hand wherever we need her, with a smile on her face! She has such a warm heart and is truly a pleasure to work with!

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