Mail Management Group, Inc.



Mailing Services - Complete Direct Mail services. Accurate, economical and PO-compliant. We'll address, prep and deliver your mailings to the PO, pre-sorted for the best possible rate.

Digital Printing - Personalized postcards and letters - the lifeblood of successful direct marketing - all done in-house.

Offset Printing - We print postcards, fliers, envelopes, business cards and more.

Mailing Lists - Customized lists that get you results.

Data Management - We'll de-dupe, update and maintain your database to assure you of a clean and responsive list.

Email Marketing - We'll create, manage and broadcast your email communications.

Fulfillment - Warehousing and on-order delivery of your materials to your customer base.

Graphic Design - We can create new art for your mail or email campaign, or optimize yours.

Consulting Services - Contact us to get your mail, email and list questions answered, and to find out what needs to be done for the success of your campaigns.


We can go from start to finish on any of your campaigns, from data entry to fulfillment. We offer a broad range of services and expertise to get you the results you want from your marketing, both online and off. Mail Management Group is here to help you achieve direct marketing success.

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